Skilled Judo Therapist's Office in Shiroishi Sapporo / Opened even on Sunday and National holidays

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Shiroishi-ku Sapporo Hokkaido


Have good days with the Judo Therapy!
Kikusui Seikotsuin, the Judo Therapist's Office in Shiroishi-ku Sapporo, offers skilled treatment for your ache.


Judo Therapist

The Judo therapist is a person with the Japanese national license to treat damage of bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues by the conservative therapy based on Japanese traditional Judo therapy skills and Western medical knowledge.

Kikusui Seikotsuin

  • Opened from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Opened even on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
  • Reservation available
  • The National Health Insurance is accepted
  • Car park available
  • 5 minute-walk from "Kikusui" tube station

Office Hour

 M  T  W  Th  F Sa Su NH
a.m. ○   ○  ×
p.m.  ○  ○  × × ×

【Holiday】 Wednesday


We accept reservation by three ways below.

  Call  TEL 011-827-7510
   Mail form【for the patient visiting us before only】
    ※We accept reservation from a mail form until 2 days
     before your preferred day.

 Making next reservation when you visit us

〜Judo Therapist's Office〜

Kikusui Seikotsuin

6-16 3-Chome 5-Jo Kikusui Shiroishi-ku Sapporo Hokkaido Japan 003-0805

TEL 011-827-7510
FAX 011-827-7510